Director of the Fourth Bureau of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee ZHANG Tianyu Visited Tsingshan for Investigation and Guidance

Time:2019 09 22


On September 21, the delegation led by ZHANG Tianyu, director of the Fourth Bureau of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, visited Tsingshan for investigation and guidance. They were accompanied by member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department of Wenzhou City SHI Aizhu and secretary of Longwan District Party Committee CHEN Yingxu and other people. SUN Jianfen, president of Tsingshan Group, warmly received the delegation.


Accompanied by SUN Jianfen, the delegation visited the Tsingshan Headquarters Building, watched the enterprise promotional video and held a symposium at the 15/F meeting room. At the symposium, SUN introduced Tsingshan’s development scale in the stainless steel and nickel iron industry, its industrial domestic and international plans, the characteristics of the enterprise and the series of projects that Tsingshan had invested in Wenzhou in response to the “return of Wenzhou businessmen” policy. SUN pointed out, “China’s reform and opening-up policy has brought many opportunities to private enterprises for innovative development. In particular, “the Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by President Xi has enabled Tsingshan to achieve rapid and healthy development, and Tsingshan has the confidence to do better.”


ZHANG fully affirmed the achievements of Tsingshan enterprises, and praised Tsingshan as an outstanding representative of private enterprises in Zhejiang Province and even in the whole country. He hoped that TSIGNSHAN would keep striving and make greater contribution to China’s economic development.