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Technological innovation

Tsingshan is rooted in the belief of "brave to be the first, keep innovation and reform". For many years, Tsingshan has always been innovating its process, technology, and management and has acquired many influential patents.

Tsingshan established the world’s first fully integrated RKEF-AOD hot charging stainless-steel production line, which significantly reduces the energy consumption and the impact of emissions on the environment.

The subordinate companies of Tsingshan have obtained hundreds of influential patents which have optimized the stainless-steel melting procedures, saved cost and energy as well as improved product quality and production efficiency.

To innovate its products and technology, Tsingshan founded the technologically advanced R&D Center and a well-equipped research institute. It has gained the national CNAS and other authentications and made remarkable achievements in its consistent production process and new product development. By now, we have succeeded in developing super duplex stainless steel, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, 400 series stainless steel, free-cutting stainless steel, heat-resistance stainless steel, valve steel, die steel and other products.