Sincere Gratitude and Breaking Wave— On the occasion of TSINGSHAN’s debut in Fortune 500

Time:2019 07 23


On July 22, the Fortune magazine and Fortune China website (www.fortunechina.com) released the latest Fortune 500, in which TSINGSHAN ranked the 361st as a new member. Upon the release of the news, all TSINGSHAN’s staff expressed their deep excitements and cheerfulness, celebrating this important milestone in the development history of TSINGSHAN.


Looking back, we experienced ups and downs. Since the establishment in 1988, all our staff have upheld the same goal—to make concerted efforts, to share weal and woe, and to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Especially, our leaders at all levels bravely undertook responsibilities and steadfast in their works. We settled in struggle and harvested in growth. Since TSINGSHAN became China Top 500 Enterprises for the first time in 2010, its rank has steadily risen, which now entered Fortune 500 as the 361st. Behind this rapid growth is the little-known hard work and dedication.


TSINGSHAN’s inclusion in the Fortune 500 was benefited from China’s reform and opening-up policy as well as the national “Belt and Road” Initiative. It is not only a result of the of the employees’ efforts in keeping on their posts, pioneering and innovating arduously, but also thus inevitably a result from the encouragements and incitements of the different communities. Here, we express our sincere gratitude to the governmental departments at all levels for their attentions and assistances, which have enabled us to entering the world-class stage, our gratitude to various financial institutions for their trust and support, which have made us confident in our capital, our gratitude our partners for their understanding and recognition, which accompanying us while encourage us to moving forward bravely, our gratitude to all TSINGSHAN staff for their unremitting efforts. Every members of the companies breathe together, share the fate, and use the spirit of never giving up to elevate out common cause and thus make Tsingshan a much-anticipated enterprise.


Looking forward to the future, we shoulder heavy responsibilities. The way forward is always full of thorns. We will still face many new challenges and problems. “There will be resistance to reform and progress. We need to be firm, resolute and persistent.” We believe that the future of TSINGSHAN depends on ourselves. We should not only carry our passion and dream, but also have the determination and courage to overcome difficulties. In the journey of starting our third entrepreneurship, we should motivate ourselves and strive to build a globally respectable world-class enterprise and achieve the company’s visions and goals.


Board of TSINGSHAN Industry
July 22th, 2019