Tsingshan Donated the Second Patch of Anti-epidemic Materials to Indonesia

Time:2020 03 26


On March 25, 16:00 p.m. local time, Indonesia Consulate General in Shanghai held an endowment ceremony for the anti-epidemic materials donated to Indonesia. ZHOU Haoli, the Ambassador of Indonesia Embassy in China, DAI Ning, the Consul General of Consulate General of Indonesia in Shanghai, YAN Jian, the Secretary General of Tsingshan Charitable Foundation, and the representatives of Huayou Cobalt Industry, GEM Co., Ltd, Zhenshi Holding Group, Guangdong Bump Co., Ltd. and other donation companies attended this ceremony.


Ambassador ZHOU Haoli addressed in the video meeting: “I would like to thank all the donators and Mr. XIANG Guangda, the Chairman of Tsingshan Industry, for all the donation materials. This donation ceremony is successfully held with our mutual efforts. At this tough moment, Indonesia needs the partners’ assistance,and such a move displays the deep friendship between the two nations. Let’s pray for China, Indonesia and the whole world to have  COVID-19 epidemic ends soon. We hope that all of you could support the economic development of Indonesia as always.”


YAN Jian, the secretary general of Tsingshan Charitable Foundation, represented Tsingshan to donate anti-epidemic materials to Consulate General DAI Ning and said that: “we are glad that the the Consulate General of Indonesia in Shanghai arranged this ceremony, making the donators feel relieved. Tsingshan is duty-bound to fight against COVID-19. Under the direction of the Chairman XIANG Guangda, we have raised critical medical supplies worth RMB 6.86 million and are ready to donate them to the Indonesian government. Meanwhile, the critical medical supplies donated by Huayou Cobalt, Zhenshi Holding Group, GEM Co., Ltd., Guangdong Bump and other companies have been transferred by Tsingshan Charitable Foundation to the Indonesian government and are in the process of warehousing for custom clearance.”


The medical supplies include protective suits, medical goggles, face masks, gloves and other materials, totaling 104 cubic meters and worth RMB 3.02 million. On March 21, 40 cubic meters materials had been sent to Indonesia. Therefore, the critical medical supplies donated to Indonesia by Tsingshan are worth RMB 6.06 million in total. In addition, we are purchasing another batch of anti-epidemic materials worth RMB 0.8 million.


Huayou Cobalt, GEM Co., Ltd., Zhenshi Holding Group, Guangdong Bump Co., Ltd. and other companies have donated anti-epidemic materials to Tsingshan Charitable Foundation totaling 160 cubic meters, with a worth of over RMB 2 million.


The Consul General DAI Ning took photos with the donation companies’ representatives separately. The Indonesian government has sent one Boeing A330 and one Boeing 777 to deliver the anti-epidemic materials to Indonesia on the night of March 26th.