Tsingshan Included in Fortune 500 Ranked the 361st and Reached a New Level of Enterprise Development

Time:2019 07 22


On July 22, the Fortune Magazine and Fortune China website (www.fortunechina.com) released the latest Fortune Global 500 list. By virtue of its sales volume of USD 34.242 billion in 2018, Tsingshan ranked the 361st, making it on the Fortune  500 list for the first time. The Fortune  500 is the most famous and authoritative enterprises ranking list in the world and the yardstick of the world’s top companies. Being listed in Fortune  500 is a great achievement in Tsingshan’s development, symbolizing that the entering of world-class top enterprises.


Founded in 1988, Tsingshan has experienced more than 30 years of development and achieved significant developments in the fields of stainless steel and nickel iron. It has become the world’s largest stainless steel enterprise. In recent years, Tsingshan has actively implemented “the Belt and Road Initiative”, accelerated the development of internationalization strategy, built large industrial parks in Indonesia, India, Zimbabwe and other countries, conducted layout in the field of green new energy, entered the fields of ternary materials and power battery, and achieved rapid development. In 2018, Tsingshan produced 9.29 million tons of crude steel and 260,000 tons of ferronickel equivalent, with sales revenue of USD 34.242 billion, ranking the world’s leading position in the stainless steel industry.


Tsingshan adheres to the idea of “low profile and pragmatism” and attracts public attention step by step. It was first listed in China Top 500 Private Enterprises in 2002, first listed in China Top 500 Enterprises in 2010, and first listed in Fortune Global 500 in 2019. Tsingshan’s over 30 years of development is an epitome of China’s reform and opening up and the growth history of China’s private economy, a vivid portrayal of the pioneering spirit of Wenzhou businessmen and enterprises, and also the struggle history of private entrepreneurs’ hard work.


In the 2019 Fortune 500 list,there are 129 Chinese enterprises and 13 iron and steel enterprises.