Tsingshan Set up Overseas Exchange Fund in Famous Universities Nationwide Zhejiang University Became the First Pilot University

Time:2019 08 10


In order to support the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities, Tsingshan Charitable Foundation launched the “High-End Talent Cultivation Plan” this year, and set up the “Tsingshan Overseas Exchange Fund” in famous universities nationwide. Students eligible to the special fund can pursue further study in a top university abroad. On the morning of August 9th, the opening ceremony of “Zhejiang University Tsingshan Overseas Exchange Fund” was held at Zhejiang University. XIANG Guangda, the chairman of board of directors of Tsingshan, attended the ceremony.


The deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University WU Xiaocheng, the deputy director of the Party Committee Office and the President’s Office FU Fangzheng, the dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering HAN Gaorong, the dean of School of Energy Engineering GAO Xiang, the director of Development Liaison Office and secretary general of the Education Foundation SHEN Liyong, the general manager of Tsingshan’s Responsibility and Charity Division HUANG Deyu, president of Tsingshan Holding Group SUN Jianfen, chairman of Tsingshan Charitable Foundation DONG Lingmin, the secretary general of Tsingshan Charitable Foundation YAN Jian and other executives attended the opening ceremony.


Before the opening ceremony, WU Zhaohui, the president of Zhejiang University, met with Tsingshan board chairman XIANG Guangda and his delegation. The two sides exchanged views on talent cultivation and university-enterprise cooperation. WU Zhaohui firstly expressed his warm congratulations to Tsingshan for its lately being listed in Fortune Global 500. At the same time, he extended his gratitude to Tsingshan for supporting the development of Zhejiang University and introduced the discipline system, specialty categories, development goals and other situations of Zhejiang University to XIANG and his delegation.


XIANG introduced the characteristics of Tsingshan’s enterprise culture and the establishment of Tsingshan Business School. XIANG said that Tsingshan Group and he himself always respected education very much. The development of Tsingshan benefited from the country’s reform and opening policy. And it was the first time for him to come to a university and meet with the president of a university. XIANG believes that schools are not only places to educate people, but also carriers of innovation and entrepreneurship. School education aims to cultivate students’ ability to think independently and constantly improve themselves. Zhejiang University, as a national famous university, has made outstanding achievements in this regard. And the development of enterprises aims to create a good environment for managers and young people to use their talents. It is not the way for the long-term development of an enterprise to rely on product output alone. It is up to the next generation to achieve higher efficiency and faster development of an enterprise. Tsingshan set up its own business school a few years ago, where the managers are the teachers, hoping to pass on the successful experience and management philosophy of Tsingshan to everyone through the training and education of the business school for enterprise managers. XIANG also said that Tsingshan, as a Zhejiang enterprise, would take it as its responsibility to support the development of Zhejiang and Zhejiang University and hope that more excellent talents can be developed through better education opportunities and platforms. Through the exchange, Tsingshan and Zhejiang University decided to carry out further cooperation in talents cultivation and education. Tsingshan would share some typical cases in its operation with students of Zhejiang University and complement each other’s advantages.


DONG Lingmin, on behalf of Tsingshan Charitable Foundation, donated 6 million yuan to the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University. On behalf of the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University, WU Xiaocheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, presented the donation certificate and nameplate to Tsingshan Charitable Foundation. WU said that Tsingshan’s open, inclusive and liberal enterprise philosophy happened to coincide with the education philosophy of Zhejiang University, and Zhejiang University hoped to become one of the top universities in the world through its efforts, which was not only the ambition of Zhejiang University, but also the requirement of the state.


The “High-End Talent Cultivation Plan” launched by Tsingshan Charitable Foundation aims to fund and cultivate high-end talents with graduate degree or above, support eligible students to pursue further study in top universities abroad, and enable more outstanding students to go to world-class universities for further study and exchange, thus to cultivate outstanding talents with international vision and global competitiveness. Zhejiang University, as one of the highest level of comprehensive research universities in China, adheres to the concepts of “people first, integrated cultivation, pragmatic innovation and pursuit of excellence” and strives to develop future leaders with sound personality, innovative thinking, solid basics, global vision and social responsibility, making it become the first pilot university of the project. Since this year, Tsingshan has donated a total of 6 million yuan to the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University and established the “Zhejiang University Tsingshan Overseas Exchange Fund”, which mainly funds students from School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University to study for degrees in world-class universities and then gradually expands to the whole university. Students from poor families will receive financial aid first. It is tentatively fixed at 100,000 yuan/person/year for students to participate in a 6-36 months of joint training, exchange study and overseas laboratory research project in world-class universities and study for a master’s or doctor’s degree.


Accompanied by the director of Development Liaison Office and secretary general of the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University SHEN Liyong and other executives of Zhejiang University, XIANG and his delegation visited the campus, science and technology museum and history museum of Zhejiang University, got an understanding of the history and experienced the culture of Zhejiang University.