Vice-Governor of Fujian Province LIN Baojin Visited Tsingtuo Group for Inspection and Guidance

Time:2019 10 08


On October 17, the 9-member delegation led by LIN Baojin, vice-governor of Fujian Province, visited Tsingtuo for inspection and guidance. They were accompanied by vice mayor of Ningde City YANG Fang, mayor of Fu’an City ZHONG Yiguo and other executives. CHEN Qingke and ZHONG Shengjiang, the leadership of Tsingtuo, warmly received them.


LIN Baojin and his delegation visited the production sites of Fujian Hongwang Industrial Co., LTD. and Fujian Tsingtuo Shangke Stainless Steel Co., LTD. and inspected the advanced technological process of the enterprises. The delegation also visited Tsingtuo’s supply & marketing center, research institute, exhibition halls and other venues, and spoke highly of the Group’s achievements.


At the symposium held at the Group’s 4/F meeting room, CHEN Qingke made a report on the difficulties in land use, water use and electricity use during the development of enterprise. LIN Baojin stressed the importance to achieve modernization of the industry foundation and high-end orientation of the industry chain, and pointed out that the State attached great importance to the development of Tsingtuo’s projects. He then put forward four requirements for the future development of the enterprise. First, achieve further development on the original basis, continue to move forward, aim at the world’s most advanced technology and manufacture high-grade, precision and advanced products.Secondly, do well in supporting industries, attract investment together with the government, extend the industry chain, introduce and reserve high-end talents, and attach great importance to research and innovation, Thirdly, enhance environment protection, turn waste into treasure, continue to transform and upgrade, take the initiative to accept a challenge, and follow the path of cyclic development; fourth, create the environment of “good looking and high quality”, build supporting facilities for life and production, construct a city-industry integration modern industrial park with a collection of the world’s most advanced and most complete stainless steel product series and talents, and actively promote the construction of the city’s NO. 1 middle school and branch of the experimental primary school to solve Tsingtuo employees’ children education problem.