World Debut of QN1803 Products • 2019 Annual Conference was Held

Time:2019 11 02


Tsingshan has great ambitions and hopes to cooperate with like-minded partners. On November 1st, the “World Debut of QN1803 Stainless Steel Products • 2019 Annual Meeting & CISA Group Standards Publicization and Implementation and User Exchange Meeting”, sponsored by Tsingtuo Group and organized by Fujian Stainless Steel Industry Innovation Center, was held in the headquarters building of Tsingshan Holding Group. The director of CISA (China Iron and Steel Association) JIANG Shangqing, the president of CMISI (China Metallurgical Industry Information and Standardization Institute) MA Jun and more than 160 attendees from industry chain partners, research institutes and industry media, attended the event.


At the meeting, XIANG Bingxue, FENG Shaode, XIANG Bingqing and other executives of Tsingshan respectively issued the long-steel client strategic partner certificates, flat-steel client strategic partner certificates and industry-university-research strategic partner certificates of QN1803 industry chain to the long-steel clients, flat-steel clients and research institutes. It aimed to thank and encourage the research institutes and users who had made significant contributions to the development and application of QN1803. Five long-steel users including Jiangyin Xiangrui Stainless Steel Fine Wire Co. Ltd., Tianjin Jingzhou Stainless Steel Products Co. Ltd., Shandong Qingshan Wanjia Stainless Steel Products Co. Ltd., Wenzhou Huaqing Steel Co. Ltd., and SINOTUBE Group Co. Ltd. were awarded the long-steel strategic partners of QN1803 industry chain. Five flat-steel users including Guangdong Huazhou Haili Group Co. Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Manxin Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., Foshan Xinsheng Jingda Steel Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Ruitong Information Industry Co. Ltd. and Shanxi Huitong Century Technology Co. Ltd. were awarded the flat-steel strategic partners of QN1803 industry chain. Six teams including the “Corrosion Lab” of Fudan University, the “Materials Forming Theory and Quality Control” Team of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Zhonglian Advanced Steel Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Steel R&D and New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, the “Stainless Steel Microbiological Corrosion Lab” of Tongji University and the “High-Performance Steel Materials Lab” of Shanghai University were awarded the stainless steel industry-university-research strategic partners.


On behalf of CISA, JIANG Shangqing extended her congratulations to the holding of the meeting and introduced the process of the group standards application and approval. She hoped that the publicization and implementation would regulate and guide the market, and enable the industry users to have a further comprehensive understanding of the group standards.


President of CMISI MA Jun extended his warm congratulation to the meeting and the publicization and implementation of CISA group standards. He pointed out that QN1803 had filled the gap of the standard and made a positive contribution to the development and expansion of group standards in China’s steel industry and the promotion and establishment of a new standard system in the steel field.


YAN Chengming, a senior engineer of CMISI, made the report titled Interpretation of 08Cr19Mn6Ni3Cu2N/QN1803 High-Strength Nitrogen-Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel Standards and said that the CISA group standards of Tsingtuo’s world-debut QN1803 products had reached the international advanced level. JIANG Laizhu, president of the research institute of Tsingtuo Group, made the report titled Development and Application of QN1803 High-Strength Nitrogen-Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel Products, analyzed the composition and performance characteristics of QN1803 products and pointed out, “Particularly compared with 304 products, the QN1803 products are much better than the 304 products in many areas of corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance level of which cannot be achieved up to now by any nickel-saved austenitic stainless steel products at home and aboard.” QN1803 product users from Haili Group, Wuxi Ruitong, Shanxi Huitong, Jiangyin Xiangrui, Shandong Wanjia, SINOTUBE Group and other companies also shared the use reports of the products. Some of them shared the testimonies of terminal clients through videos; some shared the cost performance advantages of QN1803 in the new field through the cost data; and some shared that they had not received any complaints or returns about new finished products in one year.


It is reported that Tsingshan Industry successfully held the world debut of high-nitrogen high-strength austenitic stainless steel 304D product launch in Shanghai on November 1, 2018. After one year of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and application, by virtue of its high strength and outstanding corrosion resistance performance, the high-strength nitrogen-containing austenitic stainless steel had won users’ high recognition and widespread praise and successfully achieved mass application in six fields including sheet strip, decorative welded pipe, steel wire rod, steel bar, shape steel and seamless tube bloom. On October 8, 2019, CISA issued six group standards of high-strength nitrogen-containing austenitic stainless steel QN1803 products, which was of great significance not only for Tsingtuo Group, but also for the development of the industry chain related industries.


CHEN Qingke, president of Tsingtuo Group, delivered a welcome speech before the meeting. WU Yanjun, assistant to chairman of board of directors of Tsingshan Industry, chaired the meeting. Some managers of Tsingshan enterprises also attended the meeting. After the meeting, the participants took a group photo in front of Tsingshan Headquarters Building.